Please watch this photo video I made.

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Mar 10, 2008
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This is my second attempt at making a video slide show(the first being shortly before I made this video). Give it a look and tell me what you think. The song seems to fit perfectly if you listen to the lyrics and look at certain parts of photos during the lyrics. Be sure to watch it in HD. I wish I hadn't had to stretch the transitions for so long, but I didn't have enough photos to keep them short


Thanks, fells.

*I wasn't sure what sub-forum I should post this in, so I hope this one does fine.
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2nd text frame needs a few more seconds to read it.
And I do agree - you need to go back and take more shots to fill the gaps :)
Overall I really liked this - music works well and the photos are fantastic - the thing is (and this might just be me) I can't get an overall emotion from the work. Usualy one expects there to be an overall emotion (or range of them) displayed but I don't quite get one from this - or I am not getting the one that the story and music lead me to belive is the one I will get.
Its tricky for me to pin down - but it might be the fact that many of the shots look more posed to me than just "snapshots" into the life of these people - that might just be your style of work though - nothing wrong in that.
Something that i think needs watching again in a few hours to see if my feelings have changed
I like it and I do think that the emotion you were looking for does come through in the video. I agree with overread that you should add a tad more time to read that 2nd frame but I did like it.
I had a feeling I would need to add more time to the second frame. Thanks for the input, guys.

Overread, I assure you not a single shot is posed. I followed the people for a day and just snapped shots as they talked to each other or talked to me. If they looked at the camera then they looked at the camera. If they mugged, like the last guy, then they mugged. I had nothing to do with what they did.

I'm converting another video now. I've made the second frame duration longer to make it easier to read, flipped two text frames that were in the wrong order, and flipped to photos to better fit the song.
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