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Jun 22, 2003
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Hey there! I'm the noobie called Tara. I'm a 23 year photography student from Nottingham ...originally Essex.(...but i'm not blonde, I don't wear white stilletoes and I don't have a boyfriend called Gary, so you'd never guess) :lol:

I'm currently taking a year out from uni to try to get some practical work experience. Unfortunately,it's proving quite difficult to find a relevant job. I have a basic knowlede of the technical side of photography but what I don't have yet in knowlege, I certainly make up for in enthusiasm.

I recently worked for a graduation photography company as a photographer's assistant. I really enjoyed it and impressed my collegues with my attitude and professionalism. Unfortunately this was only a temporary position.

If anyone has any suggestions about job vacancies or work experience ...please let me know!! I'd love to hear from you. :)

Cheers xxx :D :D
Welcome to the boards :)

What's thing thing with Essex and Gary?

A friend of mine's name is Gary and his nickname
used to be Essexboy.

I'm from Holland, so is there some "insiders" joke about
Essex/Gary etc.??

welcome ... and i dont know anything about that joke :lol:
Arr so you guys aren't familiar with the Essex thing!?? Now that's a first! People usually make fun of me when I tell them where I'm from!

Well ...Essex people...hmm....think Denise Van Outen (in the early days), Jodie Marsh, Jordan

...Essex is generally perceived to be full of male and female bimbos...."common", "easy", "tacky" and "loud". The stereotypical female is blonde, big chested, small brained and is dressed in a puffa jacket, white stilletoes and mini skirt. The stereotypical male is also not particularly intelligent, highly promiscuous, drives a ford escort (eqiuped with full body kit, go faster stripes and furry dice....oh and in the passenger seat they often have an essex bimbo as described above...) :D
The windscreen sometimes has his and his girlfriend's name on a strip across the top....which is usually Gary and Tracey..or Darren and Sharon (these are the stereotypical names for Essex boys and girls...in the same way people joke that every man from Ireland is called Paddy or men from France are called Pierre :lol: ...

Hope this clears things up for you a little more :D

It is only a stereotype tho.. :roll: .I'm almost the complete opposite of the above! :lol:

Take Care
Thanks for the explanation

gonna take the piss out off that friend of mine called Gary
Hi Tara :)

Did you know that ford escorts are the only cars that can hydroplane on a mirage? :lol:

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