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    I am bored so why not share my poem I had to wirte this week for english. We had to write a poem based on a picture, but since I had to turn in the picture, all you need to know is that this takes place during the dust bowl.

    Nir Levy
    January 24, 2005
    8C, ‘of Mice and Men’ Unit

    Not Much Left

    I stare into the emptiness
    that was once so full of life.
    I must care for my two children
    without a loving wife.
    An endless span of worthless land
    is almost all that’s left.
    Perhaps there is no future here;
    nothing but God’s theft.

    Why did God steal my farm
    leaving it as dirt and mud?
    My car is now my prized possession
    and my land is just a dud.
    What aches me is not my dieing land,
    but the kids that beg to live
    and that the seeds that beg to drink
    but I have nothing to give
    and nothing to provide.
    What can the future hold for an old man like me?
    All that matters is lost,
    turned into debris.


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