Polarizing filters and "AWB"

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Cuervo79, May 22, 2006.

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    I took a series of photos, 2 sundays ago using my Rebel XT and my polarizing (sp?) filter, and they didn't look out of the ordinary, and later I read in one thread that the Automatic White balance of most cameras adjusts so that the polarizing filter becomes "useless" or I guess the effects are less visible.

    Is this true, and if so how can I make my camera "behave" when I put a filter on it?

  2. DocFrankenstein

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    that's not true. White balance has nothing to do with polarization.

    But AWB sucks. Use custom white balance or pre-set white balance.
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    The Doc is right again, I trust you know how a polaroid filter works, and must be turned for the effect you want. Look through the lens and twist the filter until you get the effect you are after. Experiment, that's what photography is about. Philip.
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    lol, yes I know how the filter works, I just wanted to know that, since it got me wondering when I read the thread because my whole experience has been with film, until recently since I bought the rebel xt (about a week ago)...
    The only polariztion filter I can´t seem able to use is a kokin filter that changes from magenta to blue, I´ve only shot 2 or 3 pictures in wich it worked (a blue car). every time I use it it allways turns out magenta in my contact sheets... just wondering about it...

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