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Jul 1, 2003
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Alrighty, I haven't a clue how to take sharp photos in a lack of light, places like concerts, night photos, etc... you name it. And especially with small lit moving objects, such as a match flame or something. A tutorial would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
well, with a lack of light, you cant use a fast shutter seep like you could out side during the day. If the object is not moving, use a tripod and a long shutter speed. However if the object is in motion, flame, band...

I would say you would need a faster ISO film. for a concert, i use 1600 or even 3200. The will be very grainy. Even printing 5x7 you will see some grain. You could also use a flash if you are up close. All bands I go see play in bars and such places so I can get right up there. I personly dont like a flash with color film... but...
A flash, with nice B&W film, and with a touch extra contrast...hmmm I love that for a good punk rock photo.

Good luck
...a good over view from enigma on what's required and i've nothing to add

However - if you care to post details of any particular image you wish to shoot i'd be happy to offer suggestions on achieving it


Please remember I'm a complete novice at photography but I'm thinking that with binoculars a large objective lens gathers much more light so isn't there something like that available for cameras?
All you can really do is get a fast prime lens. If you are using a zoom lens, chances are you're getting between f4.0 and 5.6. I think having a 135mm f2.8 would be a good start.

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