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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Well, I got one of these (Jobo Giga One) and promised to write a quick review on it. I think it's going to be one of the best buys I've ever made, it cost me just under £100, has 30GB storage, a reasonable battery life and is sturdily built. by the looks of things it will copy around 10GB before needing a charge again. You can also change the hard drive very easily (4 screws and no technical knowledge) for any other 2.5" laptop style hard drive, they're a bit more expensive than the 3.5" full size ones but not by too much. It uses a standard USB cable so you should be able to leave home without one and not have to worry too much. That's about all I have to say about it, if I find any problems with it I'll add to this review then...
good call..... i had my eye on one of them.... please do let us know how you find using it etc :thumbup:
well I've been using this for about a week now and have only found one problem, the battery. It only copies about 5GB before it gives out. That's not too much of a problem for me as I carry the charger around with me as well but it might be a problem if you're going to head off somewhere with no power supply for any length of time. Other than that small problem the thing is brilliant, I was a bit slow to trust al my data to it but after copying around 20GB to it there hasn't been one bit of data loss so I think it was a pretty good buy all things considered...
Thanks for the report, can the battery be replaced or is it fixed?.....still sounds ok tho.... may be a future purchase for me.
just had a check, the battery is a large 3.6v mobile phone style li-ion thing with an unusual connector, if you can find one then replacing it isn't hard work but you'll need a precision screwdriver so probably a bit more hassle than it's worth, especially as the screws are tiny annd would get lost real easy...
I've been using a Jobo Giga one for about 5 months now and love it.. the only downfall I see is copying 1GB to the drive takes about 8 minutes so if your shooting action you may miss some shots while your transfering, I plan on buying a small memory card to use while Im transfering just so I dont miss any good shots. Aside from that I love it, it effectively gives you a 40 GB memory card assuming you can get to a power source to recharge every once and a while.

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