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Oct 14, 2010
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I am a portrait photographer but I have recently been contracted to do some corporate headshots on site for a company. I am looking into good portable lighting that I can take with me to the site and take headshot with. Any suggestions?
I will be using some Westcott 5x6 Collapsible Backgrounds for it as well which seem to have good reviews online, but any opinions on that as well would be appreciated. Thanks!
Welcome to the forum.

What sort of power/output do you need?
How many lights do you need?
How portable do you need it to be? Size & weight etc.
Can you run on AC power (plugged in) or do you need a portable power source? Or would you prefer to use flash units that run on AA batteries?

What do you own already, that might be usable for this?

What's your budget?

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