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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK

I have got an interview for my first proper photography job and I have just relised I havent got a portfolio or at least not that I know of as I am not sure what you have to include etc.

All the help anyone can give would be much appreicated!!
Dont have too many pictures. Sometimes they wont get past the first few.
If the job is for a certain type of photography make sure that type of photography takes up the majority of the portfolio.
Yep, aim for 8 - 12 relevant images which demonstrate your understanding of the basics required for this kind of work.

Morning cBay.
Not a great problem, depending on the time you have and how much you want to spend. You say "I haven't got a portfolio, or at least not that I know of" It's probably in the boot "trunk" or you left it at the pub after that last heavy night. [only kidding]. Basically, your prospective client wants to see what you can do, and is not normally interested in what gear you have, so if you are able, just make up a slide show of a dozen or so of your best images applicable to this particular client in one of the many software programs available [I use Photoshop CS] and take a CD with you to the interview with your lap-top [if you have one, if not the client should have a computer, check first]. Otherwise take a series of applicable prints with you [not postcards, but 20x16's or at least large prints] Make sure you take a few business cards with you, and have your costings either written down or well established in you mind, so you don't dither around. [act as if you do this every day, be professional]. I live in Australia, but was born in Birmingham a long time ago. Philip www.philipweirphotography.com
another thing you may want to consider is to include variety in the photographs you present. it's good to have both a variety of subjects (say don't present 4 pictures of the same subject, just in different ways) and a variety of styles, but that often depends on what you are going for in the job.
Rob said:
Yep, aim for 8 - 12 relevant images which demonstrate your understanding of the basics required for this kind of work.

I would agree. If the client is hiring you to shoot a car, they probably aren't interested in how well you shoot weddings.

8 good photos are better than 8 good photos + 4 mediocre photos.

Ask other people (that will be honest with you) which photos they would choose for your portfolio.

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