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Discussion in 'Personal and Professional Photography Websites' started by icehawk, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I know this is my first post here but I am working on a site targeted at the photography community that is intended to help photographers, new or old, amateur or professional, build and manage high quality portfolios. I don't want to give away too much information about the site because it's still being worked on but right now I'm looking for a couple people who might be interested in helping out by building a portfolio with the site and helping me find bugs and ways to tweak it to make it better. A couple things I would like to point out about the site that I believe will make it different from other such services (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

    1. It's free. Getting a portfolio setup doesn't cost you anything. And best of all, there's no ads plastered on your portfolio to try to recoup the costs. Portfolios are free to you and are ad-free as well.

    2. Several templates to choose from. While there are only a couple templates right now, over time new templates will constantly be built to give you an increasing number of options of how to make your portfolio look.

    There are additional features like I said, I just don't want to post them this early in production. Partly to keep the edge and partly because there is still plenty of time for them to change a lot. As a tester you will gain access to any paid features for free in exchange for helping. While the exact list of what is free and what isn't hasn't been decided yet, when the site is launched you will still have full access to all features for life.

    If you would like to be a tester please PM me and I can provide some more information about the site. I'll gladly answer any questions here as long as they don't pertain to specific features.


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