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Oct 3, 2008
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A site I've been working on for several months now has finally reached the point that it is ready for release to the world. The site, FolioDriver (http://www.foliodriver.com), is designed to provide free, easy to manage and easy to configure, portfolios for artists. It's built with artists in mind and I've been in talks with artists (specifically photographers) along the way to help guide it in the write direction.

It is still young so it may be missing some features you would expect from such a service, but they are being worked on. Just to copy a few from my to-do list.

  • Allow Blogs on portfolios
  • Testimonials on portfolios
  • Commenting on portfolio content
  • Rating on portfolio content

Some of the things it does currently have.

  • Multi-file upload. Select as many images to upload at a time as you like, but it 1 or 100, you can upload them all at once.
  • Multi-level folder organization lets you organize the portfolios the way you want.
  • Contact form on portfolios lets visitors send you messages you can retrieve through FolioDriver.
  • Meta information automatically pulled from photographs.
  • Select a design from a list of templates, new ones always being worked on.

Any way, don't mean to sound too spammy with this post. I've been a lurker here, and around other sites, for a while now while building the site. Any constructive criticism is welcomed.

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