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Aug 19, 2007
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Is this with on camera flash?
Very harsh lighting on the face...
Also I think the crop is far too tight...
Just my opinion, though...feel free to disagree.
i agree with the lighting but i love these tight crops

thanks for looking
Hate to bring you down, but I agree with Sideburn on the crop. The defining part of the face is pushed to the edge.

I think you got something there with the expression, but it could be much better imo.
the point to the image is...........................................
i like it.

which is the point to any image surely
All in the eye of the viewer then. Can you tell us a bit more about why you like it then?

From my perspective due to the tight crop I can't even understand the environment she is in (I am assuming it is a she). Did she just get out of a pool or was she in the rain? Or maybe out of the bath? I don't know. I could even take a stab that her hair is really really greasy (I doubt that is the case but...)
just out of the pool.

i cant give you a long paragraph on why i like it i just do.:)

thanks for taking the time to look
It's unavailable now, but I saw it before...

I am a fan of tight crops as well, but I think that crop was just a little TOO tight. The lighting was also harsh. But the idea was great. I loved the expression on her face, you caught her really having a good time!!
sorry about the pic i cleaned out my flickr and of course doh!!!

the pic went thanks for the comments

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