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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
Hi guys, usually i am total and absolute cr#* at flash photography....i have sooooooooooooo much to learn. These are 2 flukes that i was really happy with... i love the lighting... only have no idea how i did it!! What do you think.... am i on the right track... Comments welcome & WANTED:hail:

This little nan recently lost her partner, so i loved that you could see her wedding rings so clearly...

okay... maybe not the best shot of nan who looks like shes having a ciggie.... but i'm talking about the lighting! xx

Any advice re. taking pics indoors with flash would be appreciated muchly.xx
These are excellent images of these women. I think a tighter crop might be useful thoughÂ… Just my .02.
I think they're great. I do know and understand the lighting you're describing and showing here and in my experience it's hard to get. Sometimes, mainly by mistake, I get it right on. Lol, so sorry, I have no idea how to achieve it because I also have no idea how to get it!
Especially love the expression on the first gal. She has a very experienced look on her face.
WOW these are great.. The lighting is like perfect!! Awesome job! I agree. Id crop some too... Way to go!!
Wow! Great shots! I love the lighting too!
Their skin color is so natural, and by the way, they are gorgeous! :hugs:
Makes me miss my nana...

Thanks for sharing! :heart:
Jemmy! wow! Your clarity and focus are rock solid. I love the way your wide open lens clearly separates the subject from the background. Simply stunning portraiture!
I think they're really nice, except that you cut the top lady's head a bit.... I hate it when that happens, its such a bummer!

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