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Jun 27, 2003
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im curious ... when u take portraits of people in a "studio" that you dont know (or even know for that matter) ... how do u get them to loosen up?

i always get them to tell me a story ... they tend to loosen up and forget about the camera .. unless i want them "posed" :lol:

how do u loosen them up?
Music. Since I typically do deco glamour I put on some moody swing jazz music.
Scotch would work for me! (a single malt for preference)
yeah im thinking heavy barbituates.... im sorry, uncalled for. music is good, joking is always good.

I see Motcon has taste in Scotch!
I was introduced to Glenfiddich when in Aberdeen a few years back (over 30 to be precise!) and I've stayed with it ever since but there's no such thing as a bad Scotch anyway.
I was told...

Sometimes it takes a half roll before the model shows natural emotion.
Back to the thread......as voodoocat mentions it takes some time to get a model "warmed up" and I've heard tales of lots of fake shots being taken, also cameras without film....or was that at the local bar?
i always meet with the person a few days before a shoot and just chat about the person, about expectations, etc. by the time the shoot day arrives, we're conversational and relaxed.

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