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Apr 30, 2006
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santa barbara ca
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i just started taking portraits in my garage. my grandmother gave me a strobelight, and some other equipment.

so far my pics have been looking prety good, but i do need some help with some of the lighting.

i can do the dark backdrops, but not the lighter ones, if anyone cares to share any info that would help me, that would be awsome.

Color of the backdrop doesn't matter much. In fact I HATE white backgrounds. It's all a matter of personal preference.
Use the best light in the world you have at your disposal. ;)
Check this video by the Discovery Channel, featuring a Hollywood photographer, Kevyn Major Howard.
Hi, If you posted more information, it would be helpful. Why do you think your shots look better on a dark background ?? What or how are you lighting the subject ?? Many questions arise, and not seeing your result makes it difficult to advise you. Look a other photographers portraits and by the shadows, you are able to ascertain the size and direction of the lighting they used, then try and copy it. Philip.

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