post pics from cell?


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Dec 14, 2011
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Is there anyways to post pics on here through a cell...and how do you post pics on here? Lol
Well...if you are in jail, and I assume thats what you mean by cell...then I'd shoot through the bars and then let's see what you've got. 'Cuz if you incude the bars, you better have a pretty good reason for doing that..other then to share the environment that you are in....and either way that will be new to TPF so you could have a home run!
Cell phone...and wow...a bit of lame humor there....
You can but it's a PIA. I host my pictures on Flickr (you can't upload to the thread directly from phone or computer). I use the Internet browser to go to Flickr, choose the picture, click on share, then grab the code. Make sure you check that you want the bbcode. Then copy and paste here. It's the same on computer and phone.
Its not lame...its pretty can't post pics from a cell phone need to post them from a flikr or smugmug account for example...

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