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Jul 12, 2010
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So i've been noticing that as I do more and more on the PP side of my photos, that the EXIF data that existed in my originals no longer appears in my PP'ed image. Is there a way to get that information ported over in the PP process?

Furthermore, is it kosher?

FWIW, i'm using both GIMP and Oloneo, with most of my meat and potato PP work in Oloneo (general contrast/sat/wb edits with a little tone/detail work as I see fit)

Answers or thoughts are appreciated.
The EXIF data should stay with the photo after processing. It's critical that the embedded ICC profile remain attached (software that strips EXIF data also often strips ICC profiles). Processing software that strips this info out: Big Bad!

I know in GIMP there's an option (check box) to keep the data -- I don't know about Oloneo, but if it's stripping out the ICC profile then it's unusable software.

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