Post processing Exparimentations (on a car)

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    I went threw and reprocessed one of my older shots this weekend. I did Quite a bit.

    I don't particularly car for the sensor in my Kodak C-Series Camera, sometimes the tone range is just so bad I can't tell where the thing was metering. So I took one of the pictures of the 1954 oldsmobile and started to play around with it.

    The original image (Figure 1) The clear blue sky was washed out, the off white hood blown way out and the hunter green underexposed. I used a selective coloring to try to correct those (Figure 2). After I felt the picture was reasonable I then faded the tar out of it (Figure 3) added some grain (Figure 4) then undid the fade and grain and greyscaled (Figure 5).......I think I went a little over board. :lmao:

    Too much maybe? :confused:

    Figure 1
    Figure 2
    Figure 3
    Figure 4
    Figure 5

    After realizing I went over board I reverted back to 100_0674_2_2_3 (figure 2) and pushed the saturation slider to max just to see how bad it looked :lmao:

    Screwin around


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