Post your BEST 3 of August 2020!

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Jun 13, 2015
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This is a monthly thread for TPF members to post their 3 BEST photos taken during the previous month. As this is the 'Just For Fun' forum, no critique or negative comments are allowed in the thread, positive feedback and other discussion of settings, technique, processing, location etc. is encouraged.

So, please show your BEST 3 photos of August 2020!
A - Colour-1-denoise-denoise.jpg
Not to be redundant of other posts I made, so not necessarily my best, but here's a variety of 3 I don't think I posted in other threads.

UPS BW sm_0251.jpeg

Gully Fence
Gully fence2 sm_0129.jpeg

Night Street Light
nite street lightsm_0342.jpeg
@CherylL Do you remember which lens you used on the mushroom? That's an awesome shot.

Thank you. I sat on a towel in the grass and had the camera just about even with the grass. Used the flip out screen to view. The 90 f2 shot at f2. It is on my Flickr page if you want to look at the data.

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