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    I've decided to allow other photographers the opportunity to publish their story about how they got into photography, what continues to inspire them, and how they turned it into a profitable business. This is a great opportunity to be seen by thousands of readers, subscribers, and the general public on a well respected site with many subscribers. atlphotographers receives nearly 200 unique hits/day and continues to generate leads for myself and other photographers in Atlanta and often times other places in the country. I always give preference in lead distribution to those that contribute or continue to support and read.

    Requirements for publishing are:

    500 word minimum
    Inclusion of at least (1) photos ( I recommend a small watermark for your safety)
    Honest story
    Link to your website

    Please visit the following URL to submit your story for review:

    ATL Photographers › Registration Form

    Good luck and thanks for reading!


    ATL Photographers

    Atlanta Photographers

    Joshua Camp | Lead Photographer | (256)-520-5234


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