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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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sorry i was bored lol

i havno idea how to do this but mine is ................................................................................jack bauer
for those that dont know how.. press the printscreen (prtscrn0 button on your keyboard then open paitnshop or photoshop and rightclick then paste. that simple.
my wall paper is plain blue.

Having a photograph as a wallpaper would be too distracting when processing my current images.
I like to hide everything on my desktop - if i dont hide it all, it all looks like how my room would look if i lived in skip...
Yeah.. Thats how my computer was when I lived with my husband.. Now I have my moms crappy computer with a ghey back round.

i changed it today! currently, its this:

but it used to be this picture (mom and brother):

WOw yours (spiffybeth) has so much clutter

i know. its just filled, but i havent figured out a way to organize it yet. so its all on the desktop.

there's a new nirvana dvd coming out with unreleased songs (unreleased versions of songs??) and lots more interviews with the band. and imo, breed is their best song.
Really? I didnt hear about a dvd... I did get to go to see that "about a son" documentary which was pretty cool =)

I love every single Nirvana song but my top five has to be:
Breed (my number 1 favorite as well lol)
Negative Creep
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Smells like teen spirit
I've been meaning to do a little housekeeping, but this is today...


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