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Sep 30, 2011
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Does anyone knows how to create that high-key flare( I'm not sure how to call it) I see it many in many portraits. the colors are good and crisp but theres like a flare that usually falls lightly on the subjet. I was thinking painting a new later with a white spot and the blend the later on screen to lighter mode, but i'm not sure it got a soft feel to it. light the sunlight shinning soft on the person and creating area with little contrast I would say.

I'm new to PS, so still learning the basics.

It is call flare. You could simulate it in Photoshop pulling up the midtones a bit and increase the Brightness slider in Brightness/Contrast with 'Use Legacy' ticked.
Gerardo, obviously preparing the shot in advance with a back/side light is the best course to at least get the initial effect and then if it is not brilliant enough in the shot alone, you can enhance it in PP with photoshop like Buckster mentioned.

I do this on a new layer above original using a white globe/circular gradient, then adjusting the opacity to your tastes and then masking and painting away any unwanted or muted areas. It takes a little time and practice, but it can really add to the original idea.
Thanks for all your help. I will be practicing that.
I figure it would be. But that just an example the effect I seen in other photos clearly look like was made in PP and looking that Style.


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