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Jul 18, 2003
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usa. soon to be a euro boy.
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konica tc3
50 2.8
fomopan (european film)
long a*s exposure
aperture; totally forgotten
printed on luminos charcoal
That makes my mouth drool. Priceless. I would mount that on my wall in a minute. I am all ears. Luminous charcoal. New to me. What is it? how? How hard? can I do it? Please? Show me... I have 25 compostions lining up in my head that I neeeed to do that way.


a wonderful paper. i can't get enough of it. it's graded, so you'll have to deal with that w/developers.

printed through tissue paper.

developers: two step bath. a soft developer (selectol soft) at a 1:5 or 6 dilution for 2:15 stand development; no agitation. then immediately to a hard developer (edwal ultra black) at 1:2 for 15 seconds agitated.

i use a running water stop bath. figure 5 changes of water or 1 minute.

a non hardening fixer. i use tf-4. w/tf-4; 30 seconds.

allow excess fixer to drip off.

straight to selenium toner 1:12 at 70f. agitate until you get an increased density in zone 0/1.

wash for 5 minutes.

drip dry.

put into copper toner. agitate until desired tone.

immediately wash. 5 minutes.

don't over dry it as it will curl if you do. it is otherwise a non curling fiber paper.

you will need to print this down because the copper will reduce density. figure a stop over your normal exposure.

any questions, post away.
this is a fantastic shot!!! I really like much for a signed 11X14 for my wall...or maby a trade??
Jdog; wow, dude...flattered.

here is the dilemna; i don't have any luminos charcoal in 11x14 and i'm not sure that i will any time soon. i do have a show coming up in a month or so and i may print it 11x14, but i dunno.

Im there for a print too if you start printing. Maybe we get enough requests you can charge enough per print to foot the bill?
there's no question that i will be printing 8x10. if you'd rather 11x14, we'll have to wait to see what i decide to do for the showing unless there are other alternatives.

hmmmm....this brings up an idea (a grand one if i must say so myself). a print exchange would be nice. i have a nice set of tidy rules that i'll post. i'll start another thread in 'feedback'.

that helps us little with the 11x14 dilemna, though.
I could do with 8X10, I will just matte it larger I think. in brown or sepia matte maybe. Hmmm.

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