Pre-K Graduation nightmare

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by MACollum, May 23, 2007.

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    I've never put my flash unit to much use because I didn't really know how to use it so I wanted to use the opportunity of my daughter's graduation to take some photos indoors, with flash. I got there early, set up my tripod off to the side where I wouldn't be in the way, or in front of anyone. I attached the flash and took some test shots to be sure the kids on the stage were well lit. Then I patiently waited over 30 minutes for the ceremony to start.

    As soon as the ceremony started, all the parents left their seats and ran to the front of the room, right in front of me and the other parents waiting off to the side. Even the professional video guy couldn't shoot. It was a madhouse. I'm short so with all the people in front of me, I didn't even see my daughter get her certificate, let alone get pics of it. In the back of the room, parents were standing on tables and chairs so they could see. I've never seen a school event so out of control.

    It was a disappointment to say the least but I did get some shots of my daughter in her cap and gown and some with her friends before the ceremony. Here's one of Madyson. The kids had cupcakes after the graduation.

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    Ah, that's a shame. I know what you mean about the mad house though. When I graduated high school, I let my parents use my FE. I had it all set and ready to go, the lens was wide open, had a nice magenta filter on it to balance out the florescent light, ISO 1600 film, all they had to do was focus and press the shutter. Well, in all the excitement, my mother, (bless her heart) had the hardest time focusing! There were a few good shots, but the majority were way out of focus.

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