Pretty in Pink

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    I took this outside the capital building, they have a lovely lovely garden. And I was waiting in the freaking line to get in (my parents insisted on touring the damn place) so I amused myself by taking pictures of the garden. They had awsome flowers, but my stupid camera has isue with close up object, even when i set it for close up objects...yah. i need a better camera but I don't have the moneys for it right now.
    Anyway, I want to know what you think of the angle in which i shot the flowers. It is a little unusual. But as you have probly figured out if u been followin my shots, i do unusual things. But is it unusual good or bad? Tell me, i must know.

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    I like it. I like how the flower on the right is for another viewer, not us, but it is still there. Nit picking but you chopped a little off the left flower.

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