pretty useful website to compare lenses


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Feb 8, 2013
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British Columbia, Canada
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hardly complete but if it has the lens(es) you're looking for it's pretty handy. Set your focal length and aperture for two lenses and it will show test images of both. Hadn't seen it until yesterday and I thought might be useful to some of the rest of you. Unfortunately though 3rd party lenses are shot with a Canon camera so comparison vs. a Nikon lens isn't totally accurate.
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I used to like that website a lot. Then I saw some lenses I was considering had samples online that contradicted what TDP was showing. I check lenses myself before buying and what I found was significantly different from what is shown on TDP. It happened too much and the differences were so significant that I stopped trusting it as a reliable source, unfortunately...
that's unfortunate. the concept of the website is pretty amazing.

I'd love the opportunity to check lenses out myself but I'm pretty far from the city so I rely on reviews, etc. more than most people probably do...

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