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Jan 14, 2008
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Toronto, ON
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Hi all, I'm completely new to this whole idea of my photos as any kind of "job" or "business", as in, I've only really thought about it for a couple of weeks, lol. Anyway, to my questions...

First, I've had a band contact me in regards to doing a photo shoot for some promo shots for them. He's asking for a quote, and I havent got the slightest clue what to tell him. Obviously since it's something I've never done before I'm not going to ask much... I'm even toying with the idea of doing it for free just to get some exposure.. ???

Secondly, I just had another guy contact me asking to use some of my photos from a concert to put in a promo brochure that shows some of the events he's done (he's a concert promoter). I have no problem doing this at no cost, but what I'm wondering is... should I leave my copyright "stamp" on the photos I send (I put a large, semi-transparent copyright notice across the center of my images), should I just put a little notice in the corner of each photo, or should I send him the "clean" images and simply ask that I be credited?

Any advice on either front would be greatly appreciated.
I would do the show for free. If you dont know what your doing really, then it would not be smart to charge. Thats what i did. I shot stuff for free for local bands for about a year, and then once i was good enough that i thought i could charge, i did.

As far as the promo brochure, I would do that for free and send a clean image, but ask that you be credited for it.... Thats good exposure. :D

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