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Jul 3, 2013
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Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum and I have a question about pricing images for a calendar. I have been approached by a local company who would like to use my images in a calendar that they would give out to their customers. They need twelve images (13 counting the image that would be used again for the cover.) Each image would be a full page in size and the distribution would be 1500 calendars. I've come up with a price of $105.00 per image which comes out to $1365.00 for the total run. The license would be non-exclusive and be good for one year. Does this sound reasonable? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum James. If you have done the calculations about your cost of doing business (CODB) and factored in a profit margin, then I think you have a reasonable price. There is no way that any of us could determine that for you but it seems you've done something to arrive at $105 per.
For such a small run of calendars that will be given out free that is a pretty reasonable price, You might cut a break of $105 if they are using one of the 12 images for the cover.

Not knowing your connection to the company or whether or not you are a locally well known photographer I am going to bet that they are not willing to pay anywhere near that asking price, more than likely they are looking for "free with photos credited to you". As an example of what some are willing to pay, one of the Seattle area TV stations is running a contest ( Weather Calendar ) for their 2014 calendar and they will pay $200 for the image picked to grace the cover, other winners selected for the calendars get a free calendar. Because of things like this I don't really think you will get what your photos may be worth.

But it can't hurt to submit your invoice and licensing agreement for the images.
I agree; ever before I looked at that, the figure that popped into my mind was $100/image.

Ironically, mine too. $100 per image. lol

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