pricing for use of photo in marketing materials?

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    Hi Everyone,
    New to this blog- sorry if I accidentally screw up in posting the wrong way or something. I just have a question about how one charges for the use of a photograph in marketing materials.

    Short background: I don't practice professionally right now, and have only shown work in student galleries. I gave my old boss the gift of a photo I did in a class, which he would now like to use in his marketing materials for his firm.
    Does anyone know how (and how much) one charges for the use of a photo, what are the variables i need to consider, and if any kind of contract needs to be drawn up? if so, are there templates available?

    I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    The price should reflect accurately the usage which the picture will get. If it's a one off, then don't charge much and make it VERY clear that it is licensed for one use, one time. However, if they want to use it more extensively - like on everything, then you'll want to negotiate a license period - e.g. one year, unlimited use.

    Some example prices I would say are reasonable:

    one off single use: £2-£20 depending on exposure
    one year, rights free usage: £100-£500
    three year, rights free: £500+

    Remember if you sell the rights to a picture, you can't sell it again during the period of the right lease, so if it is a killer picture, get your money's worth. If it's pretty ordinary and specific to the client, then let them have it a bit cheaper.

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    I think that only applies in competing markets eg i think you could sell a shot for a calendar then sell the same image again for a magazine because they;re not competing.

    It also depends on the rights granted for each lease. If they're non-exclusive then anyone can lease the image from you but the price will be a bit lower because there is no exclusivity.

    The above is my understanding so if anyone knows for sure then I'd be interested to hear otherwise.

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