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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by angmaye, May 1, 2008.

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    I have recently been working on a freelance photography project for a graphic design company. I had to take pictures of a medium-sized city's downtown area to draw people to live there.
    A not-for-profit organization has now seen the photos and is interested in purchasing multiple photos for their website. The photos are specific to their area and they keep gushing over them and saying how much they like them.
    I sent them a price proposal for the one-time use of some of the photos.

    I did the pricing as follows:
    -For one year use-
    -Single photo on homepage: $250
    -Single photo on secondary page: $225

    -Set of 5-10 photos (can be used on homepage or secondary page): $225 each photo
    -Set of 11 or more: $200 each

    They replied back to me that this is above their budget and that they hope I would reduce the cost of the sets of photos.

    I'm not sure how to reply and how low to go. I don't want to sell myself short! I know that their budget is probably not very big because they are not-for-profit, but they might be using my services in the future and I don't want to set a precedent too low.

    Any advice would be helpful!

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    The only advice i can offer is disregard the former quoted statement. Just because they organized as a entity run not for profit doesn't mean they don't have decent budgets. They are however excellent at haggling. Stick to your guns. if you think that is what they are worth - that is what they are worth.

    If you need to give them a discount, I would do so for a longer term contract commitment paid in full. Something like drop 5-10% per year over a five year contrat. You get all the cash up front - they get their discount.
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    Being that you already made them an offer, you could also just reply and ask them what their budget is then.

    Except giving a little discount like Jim H suggests, there is no point in trying to guess what they are willing to pay. Let them make an offer to you instead, and then you can simply refuse it if it is way too low.

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