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Pricing photos and signed Agreements

photographer's mom

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Mar 9, 2009
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Rhode Island
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:smileys:Hi, my 13 year old daughter loves to take pictures. She has a Fuji Finepix 10 mp digital camera. She is a natural at it. We sent a few pictures to some magazines and someone got back to us regarding how much she charges for her pictures they may want to use some. They would also like to view others. She has over 200 photos.

She is not trying to make a fortune, yet, ha! ha!, but is just trying to get out there with her photos and to get published.

How do we go about pricing photos and do we type up some sought of agreement?
it would help to know what they usually pay for photos. if they normally pay around $30 a shot and you ask for $200..... or vice versa.....

so if you can find out, that would benefit you. also, i would never give up rights to any shots. i would have even a simple write-up stating that you could still use them for promotional purposes. the buyer can use them for what they want by buying into the rights, but since you are the photographer, you will still maintain all rights. if for some reason they don't want you to have any rights, then i would triple the price.

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