Pricing question on 70-200mm Vii


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Jan 26, 2007
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OK, for those of you who have been looking around at the 70-200mm Vii used, what prices have you seen?

Obviously I have one to sell but I may be a little too proud of it.

It looks in great shape and the glass is great with no marks or fungus. I was also including a TC-E 17ii that's been used under a dozen times.

Thanks, Mike
Check ebay for used "completed listings" to get an idea of the used second hand price that it could go for. It should give you a rough idea of what people are prepared to pay for one so long as you ignore the extreme ends of the comparison (ergo those which sell for way over and way under the typical values - although for the purposes of selling you can always use any extreme high end as your market for the best - set your price there and then work down if it doesn't sell).

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