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    I recently returned from attending a friend's wedding in Whistler, Canada and while there my wife & I and 2 friends went dog sledding. Of course being a pet photographer I took a lot of images of the dogs before, during & after sledding.

    The company had a staff photographer who took some images which they put on a CD along with about 25-30 stock images & sold them to customers for $20 each. The company also has a website & tri-fold color brochures.

    Once I got home I noticed that I had a bunch of images which I think may be of interest to them so I'm putting together a pkg of low-res images to show them to see if they may be interested in purchasing the license rights to some of them.

    Can anyone clue me in to typical pricing for images which would go in a brochure, on a web site and as stock photos they include with their CD? All my experience has been with direct image sales to customers. Thanks.


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