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    The older I get, the more out of touch I feel with my own profession. When I first stated up, I had different "divisions" or levels of service (still do).

    I would distinguish my "Custom" prints from my "Senior" services by using custom enlarger printing from the lab on N surface with drymount and spray, while the senior prints were done on a multi-printer and had embossed texture with no spray or mounting, sold in packages. "Candids" (weddings) do not get general retouching.

    Now that I've been doing digital capture, I don't buy custom printing from the lab and I do my own retouching. Also the labs I use have discontinued offering N surface, so everthing is printed on E. Now I'm questioning if I can justify the added cost of my Custom work with just a bit of spray and mounting because I don't think my customers can see any difference in the product.

    So, I guess what I'm asking is... does anyone else price this way? Is this still a valid way to sell portraits?



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