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    Hello, I am just getting started, in the digital world of photography. I have been photographing weddings and family portraits with film for about 4 years. I used to just charge a flat fee and the cost of the film & processing, then shoot the event, and give them the negatives to make their own copies. Now that I'm going digital I want to change my image, and be seen with more of a professional image. So my question is, how should I charge? Do I make up packages, or have a flat fee for weddings and a fee for a family sitting, and set prices for each enlargement and sell them that way? I'm so lost, I hope this makes some sense :confused: For anybody doing this already what do you charge, and how did you come up with it? I'm from a small town, I am considered a good photographer around here. I want to price myself in about the upper middle of the row. Thanks for any suggestions, or help I get.


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