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    I would like to start selling prints of my work. I do photojournalistic work, as well as art photography. A lot of my work is on black and white film which I process and print myself in the darkroom, but I use digital a lot too.

    I would like to offer an editorial service - people can ask me to cover an event around my area and i will sell prints to them. I am also going to start attending events regardless of whether I have been asked to by a client, so i can then offer prints for sale on my website, and also submit to newspapers and magazines.

    I would have a flat hourly rate and combine that with an amount for the prints when needed (I know a lot of newspapers and magazines like digital files).

    Working in the darkroom and making prints myself is working out to be a lot cheaper for me. for example I asked a photo lab what an 8x12" black and white print would cost and they told me $12.95 (au). I can buy 25 sheets of 8x10" photo paper for $29.95..

    The main things I need help deciding are what to charge for an 8x10 print, and also decide how much to charge per hour.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated :)


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