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Jul 15, 2016
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Hey everyone I have a family member that just lost her whole wedding album due to a water pipe burst in her basement. She still has her negative’s though is there any way anyone can point me in the right direction to help her get these negative printed or saved i can redo her album if i can get those images on a disc or something please help someone. I’m also a photographer but I don’t shoot film I shoot DSLR. thank you everyone for all your help
Yeah, if she has the negatives she can get them scanned onto a CD, or get reprints. If she wants prints for new photo albums probably either get a CD or start with 4x6s and then go back later to get enlargements of selected photos.

I'd suggest looking at the negatives but I doubt you guys have a lightbox, or that she would necessarily know which pictures she wants from seeing them that small (if they're 35mm). Although maybe she would recognize certain photos from the negatives.

Lucky the negatives are okay. If there isn't a lab in your area, you can send them out, that's what I do.
Most any lab can punch out a digitalized version. There are many pro labs around fully capable to print or digitize. I recommend Richard Photo Lab @ They are setup for mail orders.
I'd recommend a pro lab. The setups at the local grocery stores, drug stores and the like really aren't geared for pro images. They're more for snapshots.
I've used The Darkroom (San Clemente) or Dwayne's (Kansas). Probably having them scanned onto a CD would be best to be able to look through them all.

If she wants 'wet' prints on photo paper from the negatives a lab can do that, it just usually costs more for reprints than getting prints at the time negatives are being developed.

Or she can get prints done digitally from the scanned negatives. She could just get a few prints done to see what she wants before getting into more expense.
You can send them to me at my pro-lab (Schiller's in St. Louis, MO). I can scan them to disc or do prints (wet or dry). Just for reference we use a Noritzu 1800 series scanner.
Thank you all for everything i will let her know.
Another vote for sending them out to Richard's Photo Lab.

They will do wedding photos justice. Local labs can scan but typically that's about it (at least around here)

Richard's will scan, spot clean, color correct, print and load photos on the web for easy download.

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