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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
:heart: Hi guys. Just wondering who prints their photographs up themselves or who has them printed elsewhere? Does anyone use 'mainstream' processing places or just 'special' places? Im in Australia and although not confident enough to sell just yet, was keen to find out what you pros do. I currently print at a mainstream shop that use Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Paper (matte). The girls there said it is one of the better papers ( but they get paid to say that!)... Im really happy with the results and wondered what you guys thought? Only dilemma with this is that along with Fuji Crystal Archive Paper it also has Rabbit Photo stamped on the reverse... If it is ok to use these guys professionally, I wonder if this stamp could ever be changed to my business name for my prints? ! xx LOL Also heard from a 'very special' photographer on this site that Ilford Galerie Classic Pearl is a fab paper... xx:heart:
FCA is a good paper for sure. I've had the vast mojority of my film photography printed on it.

As for rabbits on the back, I guess you'd have to ask them! Many (wedding) photographers stick stickers on the back of pictures, but most people will pick them off as they may damage the picture.


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