Problem Mergin to HDR!

Diego Valle

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Oct 5, 2015
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I have a huge problem when I want to merge to HDR, It was supposed to be an HDR timelapse, so I took a series of 3 to make one, I have merged HDR before and have not had this problem. The order is - 0 +, On the camera settings I had to put 11MP instead of 20 since it was a timelapse of course, and I have selected for the pictures to be 16:9 instead of the 3:2 as default. The thing is that the resulting image is aweful! Every single merge is terrible! I don't know what went bad but they all look purple. completely, either if I try in photomatix or SNS Hdr., the images are just wrong when merging to HDR. I tried merging an older image to HDR to check if there was a problem with the pc but the image went Okay.

I used raw format on all of them, 3 expures, around 2500 photos resulting in 751 frames. The camera is Canon 7D mark II. Lens 10-22 3.5 USM.

Please help me out, I don't want this job to be ruined, What Im doing is exporting them to Jpg on lightroom to see if it solves, but even if it works, I would like to know what went wrong.


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