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Problems posting images


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May 16, 2006
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SF Bay Area
I've just made a few posts to this forum since I joined a few weeks ago. The first time I attempted to link an external image on my home site I had problems that did not seem to make any sense. I tried using several syntax examples shown on your help window "Posting Rules" at bottom of Post New Thread page, ie using urls etc. Also tried using the icon image tool too. In the end it just would not work. I restarted the thread from the beginning, logged out and back in to no avail. Also I'm using IE. So I went into your Test Forum and it immediately worked there. And then when I went back into the forum I had first used, the problem had disappeared there too and I was able to post an image.

In the next few days I added a couple images further down in that thread and had the same problem again on the last addition that for awhile prevented seeing anything but the
tags around my link. And the link was of course good as one could paste it right into the browser url field and access the external page. That too mysterious suddenly cleared up after awhile but had nothing to do with posting in the test forum. Now a couple weeks later I'm back again and have the same problem once again. Currently this is what I tried to post. Using the preview I notice it is not showing the image. Seems your posting window parsing function is misinterpreting the tag syntax. So any idea what is the problem?

Thanks Chase, that certainly is why the above won't work. Didn't mean to put that in this help request. The image link is the same with a .jpg ending as you demonstrated. However I was using the .jpg link while I was trying to post (at least some of the time haha). I went back to the landscape forum and img tags still would not link using them correctly. Then I went back to the Test forum and like before it immediately linked correctly. After that I was able to post the image in the landscape forum once again. So something odd was happening. If this occurs again I'll return and add some more feedback. ...David
That really does sound odd.

Some hosts limit the amount of data transfer you're allowed during a certain amount of time. I doubt that applies in this case, but I thought I'd toss it out there. Otherwise, I'm really not sure what is happening. If it happens again, you may want to toss a photo up on something like photobucket.com to see if you run into the same issue.

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