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Feb 7, 2005
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Something weird is happenig with the LCD panel of my Nikon F-801s: when I turn the camera off, the LCD will keep turning on after a few seconds.
The thing is that I had already experienced something similar. In fact, when I bought the camera (2nd hand) it came with this minor issue: the LCD wouldn't turn off immediately by turning off the camera; it would only turn off after pressing any button (once turned off the camera, of course). That was all, so no problem. But now, the LCD turns on again and again with the camera turned off. And I turn it off by pressing any button, but just a few seconds and it keeps turning on again and again.

Does anyone have any idea of what's happening here? thanks
That's a curious one. If it isn't a loose connection of some kind, it sounds like it could be a bug in the camera's software. Perhaps try e-mailing Nikon on the subject.

Have you tried taking out all the batteries and leaving the camera a few days? That will ensure that all the chips and circuits are drained and give it the equivilent of a reboot.

Ooh, just had another thought... Sometimes Nikons act all wierd with third party lenses on them. Have you got a Sigma zoom on it by any chance? If so, take it off and put a body cap on and see if that changes things. My F100 would lock up just being in the same room as a Sigma... fickle camera it was!

Thanks for your suggestions.
I'll try taking the batteries off and giving the camera a good rest. Let's see if that helps.
As for the lenses, it has almost exclusively Nikkors mounted, so I guess that's not the problem.

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