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Mar 8, 2010
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I have an up coming product photography gig and I will be shooting the items at my house. I am taking them from the owner shooting them and giving them back.

My question is how do your provide assurance to the client that they will get their product back? Is this even something that comes up?

I don't have any questions like this as of yet I just want to have some idea on the best way to answer if they are ever asked.

:lmao: Oh Yes! It comes up...... "Client: :playball:Uh, where's the rest of my stuff? :playball:"

It sounds like you're playing with fire, and it's simply a matter of time until it flares up and burns your face off.

Being a business that follows basic, well established standard business practices is helpful for assuaging any concerns the client may have, as well as for your own protection.

Standard basic business practices require the client itemize, in writing, what they hand over to you, and that you are then expected to return to them, usually by a specified date. They sign and date, you sign and date. You both sign and date again when you return the products.

Otherwise, how are you assured the client won't claim they gave you more products than they actually did? (Client, "I don't see that $100,000 diamond ring here that I gave you to photograph for me.")

You are legally responsible for the products while they are in your possession. Of course, your business insurance will cover you if something were to happen to the clients goods while you have them. It's unfortunate that homeowners policies don't cover losses incurred by a business run from home.

At any rate, your basic contract should cover the issue six ways to Sunday, in your Terms and Conditions section.

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