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    so i decided to take a hiatus from shooting models and decided to focus my time more on product photography. has anyone done this before? how is the job market and what lights should i purchase that would be excellent in this regard? i am looking to take some photographs that are also tricky in light, low lit with a single beam of light going through a bottle or whatever product i have.

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    Well... it doesn't work like that.

    When you work with models, are you shooting for them? Is it correct to assume they come to you looking for ideas for unique photos?

    Typically, when you take on a product shoot, all that is determined beforehand by someone else. Your job will be coming up with a plan and executing it to achieve a predetermined end result. Sometimes this is challenging; Other times, not so much.

    There is a market for this sort of work. Breaking into it can be a bit of challenge, especially if you're in a large market area. I'm far enough away from Chicago that any company headquartered close to me is likely to do business with a local studio, if they don't have their own in-house photographer. Also, being an hour or so south of Chicago, I don't have the same overhead as those in the city. I can then offer a better value.

    As for lighting recommendations, it's nearly impossible to say since this varies so much with the size and type of product you shoot and where you shoot it.

    Good luck!


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