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Professional Wear for Female Wedding & Event Photograp


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May 15, 2003
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Looking for advice on protocol clothing for female wedding & event photographers, both for upscale weddings and intimate weddings....all black garb?

What time of day mj? When i got married it was in the afternoon, and the lady wore a dress, but it wasnt black. she looked rather dolled up if you ask me. Usually if its at night its more dressy. just a rule of thumb i heard.

Not all weddings are black and white anymore, and I was shooting weddings when most of them were. I don't think that a womens pant suit are all black coat and skirt are necessary. I never owned a tux, but usually dressed in a suit or sport coat with a tie and before it was all over, the coat and tie were off, especially at the reception. Just dress nice, unless you are the one getting married.
Good Call Dlc! I had a man and woman doing my photography. he was the most casual there...but for 1800$, i didnt mind that much. :cry: The pictures turned out beautiful and the man and woman were not dressed in black but were appropriate none the less.

The advice I gave my female partners (two exactly) was to dress as if for church, but do NOT look better than the bride. I had one partner (I never had assisstants) who had to dress way down not to look better than some of my brides.
I wear black slacks, comfortable shoes (black) and a black polo shirt. It's nice enough for most weddings, allows me to move around comfortably and blend into the woodwork so that I can get more candid than posed shots.
I generally wear black pants and either a black or neutral coloured blouse...I do not want to stand out but on the same hand you need to dress somewhat to the occasion. I have been meaning to buy sme more black pants with pockets as I find myself often looking for a place to store the spare or used memory cards in a hurry..
Comfortable shoes is a must!
I usually wear - black pants, black doc martens (flat & rugged) with a black t-shirt, but a nice necklace or something so the t-shirt doesn't look dodgy.

If it's black, and your rolling around on the grass - it won't get dirty :)
For my wedding last month, our photographer asked us what the attire would be. IMO, this seems to be the safest way to dress appropriately - unless, of course, bridezilla wants you in an evening gown. Definitely don't want to roll in the grass in that! I'd agree that dark is a must. Whatever you do, don't wear white at the wedding! :) BTW, this is all from a customer's pov, as I'm definitely not skilled enough yet to shoot weddings.

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