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    World Photo Day 2005

    Portlandville, NY - January 5, 2005

    On June 1, 2005 Beginning @ 00:01 GMT - 23:59 GMT

    On this single day, images from across the globe will be captured by photographers.

    See what happens across this planet of ours, on just one ordinary day, through the eyes of photographers worldwide.

    Project Goal:

    The goal of this project is simple.

    To show the world we live in through the eyes of photographers worldwide, on one day, in the year 2005.

    This in no way is a contest. It is merely a platform for all to enjoy and review with pleasure.

    One does not have to be a professional, but simply a creature of intrigue. I would like to show the way we live, work, and play during the course of our normal activities. It can be a cattle rancher on the plains of the mid-west in the USA, an individual plowing fields with a water buffalo in Vietnam, or a baker that has baked the same great cookies for longer than you can remember. Everyday life is the key here.

    My hope is we will all gain pleasure from participation, looking through the eyes of others, allowing us to imagine what we were personally doing at the same time, the same day, on the same planet!

    I truly hope we all gain a better insight into the lives we lead. The difficulties, the triumphs, the beauty, the pain, the good and the bad, all in one day.

    What a journey it shall be.

    Thank you,

    Drew Rossman
    Project Coordinator


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