proper lighting with reflective jewelry?


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Jun 27, 2003
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i had a lady contact me for a photo shoot ... she knows im an amateur and i'd be doing it for free to expand my portfolio ... here is her concept

I'm thinking close up female model wearing a "veil"
made of sterling silver necklaces hanging down in
front of models face. The make up will be dramatic,
(encompassing the colors of the necklaces' crystal
beads) bright red lipstick, dark pink cheeks, blue
eyelids and green eyeshadow.

(good lighting equipment needed, of course)

im concerned about the proper lighting and the position (angle) i should put the cam? ... what kind of light source do u think i should have? .. softbox? ... 2 slaves lights with umbrella ... flash? ... reflector?

i would really love to do this project, but im unsure about the lighting conditions :?

any advice would be appreciated :D
mostlikely you'll face the problem to "blow" out the highlights. Indirect light will be the key. Sure you can use our softbox for this :)) make sure it's not too close to the object. I would place it on one side, more to the front though. Stay away from the strobes with the umbrellas and use the silver reflector (silver veil, remember). Make sure the WB is appropriate for the lightning situation, the light should look neutral/cold for this object

Is it weird to post to a question of yours, or what :roll:

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