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Oct 31, 2007
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Man I have a new respect for you guys now.. I went to my cousins wedding (strictly as a guest/spectator) the other day and took my fairly new addiction with me.... My D80 and speedlight with plans to get some amazing photos. Granted I was dying with fever and tired as hell, but it is NOT as easy as it may seem. The low light conditions make it VERY difficult, not to mention finding that special moment over and over again. That combined with the pressure of getting paid and being REQUIRED to produce on quite possibly the couples most special day of their lives makes it quite a daunting thought.. Some of the photos came out pretty good, but not much that I would call exceptional or life changing/moment capturing.

Anyway, just thought I would throw you all some props.. And I guess my curiosity begs to ask, do you still feel that heavy pressure to produce? Or is it just like any other job where it becomes just another day at the office..

I know in high school right before a football game or wrestling meet there were some of us that would puke from nerves and some that would just be cool as ice.. Kinda the same thing as far as pressure..

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Every wedding is different, so the pressure never goes least, it hasn't for me. That being said I'd rather shoot an indoor wedding than an outdoor wedding any day of the week. The shadows can be a nightmare to deal with. Sometimes (especially for an outdoor wedding) I'll ask the couple and the minister if they will reenact certain moments for me so that I can use the flash. But, certain events in the reception cannot be reenacted, like the cake cutting, garter and boquet toss, etc.

But, no matter the pressure, I still enjoy doing them.
Each and every wedding is unique. There's no pressure really...there's anxiety and occasionally you're uneasy if there's a delay. If you're focused on the event all week leading up to it, it's much easier on the day. If you're unprepared mentally and rush into it, you make mistakes, you take a long time to settle in and you're out of sync with the events and trust me it WILL show in your final images.
It's FUN however...tiring fun. Can't ever do it too much. No not me.
The first is always the hardest.

You should not however do a wedding without knowing your camera inside out.

Weddings are not to be played around with because it is such an important occasion. I feel the pressure every time I start and as the day goes on it only goes away once I know I've captured all the main shots I require.

Every wedding is a challenge and I have no preference to indoor or outdoor weddings. When outdoors it may be hard to find shade but equally indoors and mixed lighting has its own problems.

Learn how to use your camera, learn how to expose in different situations and it will start to become second nature.
I always get butterflies in my gut before shooting a wedding...I think it's natural to feel a bit of means that you are concerned about doing a good job.

However, once the action gets going...adrenaline kicks in and the nervousness disappears.

The biggest thing is being prepared...mentally and equipment wise. Things can and do go wrong but a pro has to take it in stride and carry on. Wedding are, after all, once in a life time events...(or at least they should be)

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