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 of this Board's strong points is a FORUM where members can post their images and invite comment or suggestions to improve and/or correct faults

    It is reasonably straight forward to identify poor technique and offer suggestions for improving quality - if the poster provides some details of what was done to record the image

    By way of example (and *not* to pick on the member concerned) a recent posting of snakes asked for assistance, but no details were given

    In that particular case (to continue with the example) any one of a number of things - or a combination of them all - could be involved, such as choices relating to:

    * lens
    * lighting
    * metering method
    * exposure
    * aperture (DOF)
    * focal length (DOF)
    * film to conditions (if it was film)
    * sharpening (if digital, or scanned from film)
    * etc

    Manda already has a sticky on that forum offering good advice on "how" to post images ... maybe another sticky requesting posters provide "details" would also help




    EDIT: maybe *mode should be added to the list - for those who run their cameras on Programme or Automatic ... there are situations where the camera is fooled by the scene, resulting in disappointment

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    Excellent point!

    Would one of our moderators mind putting together a sticky post with some good suggestions when posting? :) (I'm trying to be lazy here!)

    Providing as much detail as possible when asking for assistance is a great place to start.

    Manda: maybe you could edit that and add something like that to your post?

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