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Jun 13, 2003
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I am moving to NYC in september to go to school. As much as I would love to bring my dark room with me... I dont think a studio apartment will permet the space

Does anyone know of any nice public darkrooms around, as I would still like to develope and print myself?

Thanks for any help.
I dont really know where you're going to school, but maybe they have a darkroom you could use
...just a couple of thoughts:

* As suggested by tr0gd0o0r, check out the local (photographic) schools -- i often avail myself of their services when travelling. You will find that many rent space by the hour

* Give some thought to taking your dark room with you: one doesn't "need" a lot of space -- most bathrooms are suitable (in a pinch)

Best wishes on your move!


yeah, i guess you dont need much space, but as for storing chemicles and such, i rather not, but if nothing else works... it just may have to do :)

and thanks, I will see if any school will be kind, and let me use there place (at a cost of course).

thanks again
your school should offer "darkroom" services ... but if u choose to rent space for it ... it would be rather expensive .... i moved to NYC this past feb 2003 .. and the prices here are over the top :lol: ... i would even consider taking your portable darkroom, if the school doesnt offer it for free..

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