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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Hey Everyone, It's been awhile since my last post. Just picked up my camera again after 6 months and thought I would share with you folks.


Thanks for looking!
dang have i missed you Randog! soooooo glad to see you back here :hugs:

and so darn awesome to see your post! have admired your photog since i saw it:)

love what i see here! beautiful color and texture :) love the abstractness and the composition... edit: i really like the reflection of the clouds in the water

and again, great to have you back :D hope to see more of you :thumbsup:

woooo Randog's back :cheer:
Thank-you guys for the very warm welcome back :blushing: . I have truly missed my photography and everyone here on the forum. Not having the time to do the things you enjoy the most makes you appreciate them much more when you do. The only problem is having to re-learn all the dials on my camera again. Thanks again for your most kind words. :D
This is a wonderfully refreshing and creative and unique concept. Is this part of an ongoing series of puddles? If not, it should be...
Very Aptly named. I like how theres like a token color from almost the entire rainbow in the puddle......
I appreciate all the colors, mostly. They're very vivid. The reflection of the clouds is a nice touch too, it is like looking at the earth through a puddle.
well captured randog, really caught those clouds well :thumbup:
very cool reflection Randog. looks like you should be panning for gold in there ;)
Thank-you! Everyone for your comments - always appreciated :)

JonMikal said:
very cool reflection Randog. looks like you should be panning for gold in there ;)
Boy I wish there was gold in those puddles, I have had enough of this working for a living stuff.

Thanks again!
Hey Randog...bout time ya came back. Soo cool to see your post. Cool shot. Hope to see more.

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