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Feb 16, 2006
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My wife reflected in a puddle (with a twist). For more info go to http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

So? Have you gone to lie down? :D

(Others: to understand my question to Tony you must go read his thoughts on this photo in his blog).

Funny effect, and it is interesting that only this morning there was another photo in the Nature and Landscape Gallery where by mistake a reflection, normally upside down, had been edited the wrong way round, and also here MommyOf4Boys decided to leave it as it is. Also she was intrigued by the fact that reflections can fool you in this manner.
B&W treatment would fit well to this picture. The pillar reminds me to something like a greek god, or so. The "human" shoes than counterbalances this view. Very interesting.
Yep Corinna, I've had my lie down, and now I'm writing tomorrow's little piece. The weather was a wash-out today, so I've been photographing indoors with the macro lens.

I'm interested to hear that this has been done recently. I can't claim credit for the idea of posting a photo upside down deliberately - I got it from someone else who's shot I saw a few months ago.

Interesting you mention b & w willpops - that was what I was going to do initially. However, when I saw the effect of the red tarmac through the water it semed a shame to waste the colour!

Thanks for the comments - I always appreciate them.

Regards, Tony


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